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Rich Sugar Mummy in South Africa wants a Handsome Man

sugar mummy from south africa
sugar mummy from south africa

Looking for a sugar mummy or are you interested in sugar mummy in South Africa? We have over 1000 contacts of sugar mummy in South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia and other parts of Europe. You stand a chance of being hooked up with a gorgeous sugar mummy who will love you and take care of you to the fullest. All you need to do is to be open-minded and follow all our instructions here.

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I am new in South Africa but I am not a South African nor have I ever been a sugar mummy before. Nigeria is my nationality but I now work in South Africa and I am doing wonderfully well for myself. I can’t really share so much about myself here. I have to hide as much as I can so people who shouldn’t know me would not find out about me. I am a very nice and down to earth kind of lady. I am someone who makes time to enjoy myself especially during the weekend and South Africa has really been an enjoyable place for me. I am really looking forward to being a friend to enjoy the company of a man as long as I happy.


I need a man who will want to have me as a friend and as a sugar mummy. I need someone I can actually talk to and trust. I do not need someone who is full of himself and thinks he is doing me a favor by letting me be his sugar mummy and so he will want to treat me with attitude. I want someone who is interested in my happiness and not someone who will just want to hurt me. I need a friend I can trust and talk to and I don’t mind if he sees me as his sugar mummy for the care I give to him.


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